What happens with your donation?

Life gives us struggle. And we learn from it, it make us stronger. But sometimes, we can use a helping hand. To pull us out of something we are stuck in.

I think we all recognise this. I am grateful for all the people who have done this for me. And I would like to pass this compassion on.

Academy 4 life gives a helping hand, to make people more independent again. This could be through education. This could be by giving means to people which enables them to create a new possibility, create new chances for business, job, income.

I care for other people because I feel we are one. We are all people looking for happiness in our life. We all live on the planet earth. We all believe in the politics of freedom. We all have the religion of love. To love yourself to be able to take good care for yourself. To feel love for other people. To love a power that is greater than yourself. No matter what you call it. Some people call it faith. Some people call it nature. Some people call it GOD. And in different places people give God a different name.

The money from your donation will go to projects to support people who want to create a new chance in life for themselves. So they can be more independent. Create a business, or by getting education and create new possibilities for their future. And they will find the next project, the next people who needs it. So they give help to the next one. They will spread the thought of taking and making chances in life, and looking out for or caring about other people.

The first possibility I created myself. The first steps I took myself. But I could only do it with the help of many lovely people and dear friends who supported me. This act of compassion created a new chance, for somebody in Egypt to build a small company so there is a new chance for work. For somebody to follow further education. To create more possibility for work. And we are now finding new small projects that we can help in this first stage of growing. Because we can only grow and make more things or bigger things possible with your help. With your donation, your action for image enhacement for your company by supporting a good cause, your share of your turnover, the money that you raised with your action for charity.

So we hope you want to help us help others.

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