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Do you like to experience what the Magical and Mythical energy in the temples and piramids of Egypt can do for you?
You will all have your own experience. Maybe in awe about the secret room of Sekmeth away from general tourism where this powerful goddess will impress you and the power of her statue will connect to your heart. Or will you feel attracted to the kundalini energy in the sacred chamber of Union? Will the mythical stories of the gods bring new insights about your own life? Or will you just feel amazed by walking on the same temple floor where great Pharaohs Hatsepsut, Nefertari, Nefertiti and Cleopatra walked...The experience is yours and I am so excited to guide you trough this journey.

In a small group with likeminded people we go on an adventure
through history and tap into the ancient Wisdom with our intuïtion. We meditate together either in temples, or in other beautiful places. And sometimes you just really take in your own experience trough mindfull walking in silence and peace in the temples where I will point out to you the strong energy fields.

You will get your own journal and my guidance to assist you in your process.

Programme: (there can always be last minute changes)

Day 1 arrive and welcome by me in Luxor No programme.

Day 2 After a good night sleep and some relaxation in the morning we have some faculty excursions or you can relax the day at the pool and take time to take in the beautiful views of the Nile, and turn inside and let the new energy settle.

Late in the afternoon or another day late in het afternoon we will take a Felucca boattrip on the Nile.

Day 3.
Today we visit Karnak and Luxor tempels. Karnak temple is huge and many faraohs used it to impress the people and show their status or Divine power.

The temples tell the story of Hieros Gamos and Sacred Union and a special temple chamber will surely impress you today with the Divine Power of the Goddess

If we get a change to visit it, we will collect some Hathor light codes in separate area in this temple.

Day 4.
Hatsjepsut was given the Title Woman of God Amon-Ra, so they were considered Divine in their status of Pharaoh and Wife of the Faraoh. We visit her impressive death temple today.
In her story we find keys to Sacred Inner Union and the challenges of twin flame love.
We also visit her small Hathor temple.

After this we visit the beautiful well preserved Habu temple were we dive deeper into ancient wisdom and symbolism.

Day 5
Today you will visit an awesome temple of the goddess of love, Healing, Kundalini, Magic, Compassion, Music, Joy, Dance and Bliss: the lady of the stars HATHOR.

Today I show you the temple art about Cyclic time and events, Multi Dimensionality and the connecton with the Universe and Kundalini rising. Arts the Egyptologists can not explain yet. We look at it from Egypt perspective but also connect with Boeddhism, Sjamanism and Alchemy. If synchronicity lets us, we have a lightmeditation or music meditation in the temple, if the group or circumstances ask differently from us we let that be our guide.

Day 6.
After our short flightof 1 hour to Cairo in the morning, we enter this city of icons Aïda and Cleopatra. This day you can rest, integrate all the meditation or get up for some faculty excursion. Also today is the day were you can have your free one on one session with me: reading- channeling - guided visualisation - coaching - healing; as you please. Our hotel has a view on the piramids.

Day 7.
Today we start the day with a meditation on the high energy of the pyramids. Will you go by foot to visit these wonders? Or shall we take the camel?
One thing is sure, you will be impressed by the pyramids and for the real adventurers between us we visit the powerful space inside the pyramid. In the night we gaze at the stars, and watch the light show of the pyramids at our own rooftop of the hotel and talk about our experiences and share our thoughts and inner growth as you please.

Day 8 End of the travel, leave home.

About me

I will be your intuïtive guide for this travel. I studied the influence from Words and images on how you feel and behave for over 20 years. First in a commercial carriere in in Bachelor Consumer psychologics and design. After that with creative coaching and visualisation in lifecoaching. I had my practice for woman and children for 5 years, took a lot of Psycholgy courses and followed and Intensive Intuitive and spiritual training at Samma centrum. After this I studied the highest form of Tibetan Mediatation: Rigpa meditation on Oneness. This in combinatioin of my knowledge of Alchemy, Khemitlogy, Sjamanism and priestess temple rituals Is my background to guide you on this Egypt tour.

I share this knowledge with you by the way i tell my stories, by opening you up for the arts in the temples and with meditation. But most of all I give you the freedom for your own experience, away from mass tourism.

As a small child I always felt attracted to Egypt and I knew one day I needed to go. Much things happend in the political situation in Egypt and in the ability to travel in my own life, but on one day I decided I will not let fear or circumstances let be in the way of my visit to Egypt. The first time I went to Egypt I felt safe, welcome and really AT HOME and had constant Deja vu experiences.

The energies gave a boost to my personal and spiritual development. It inspired me in my mission
to empower and guide people in their emotional and Intuïtive skills and be of service of global harmony.

I combined all my creative, intuïtive, coaching and commercial talent and passion with the development of educational material for Primary schools for social-emotional and intuitive skills to empower children and showing them their own possibilities to create a life of passion and in harmony with all there is.I continued to have more insights and understanding of the (multidimensional) world and my Intuïtive gifts began to grow rapidly.

After a few visits more to Egypt I wanted to share this experience with other people, to take them on this sacred and spiritual travel, where all my knowledge en intuïtive skills will be at your humble service, to guide you in your own beautiful proces of growth which will empower you. As much or as little guidance as you like, with lots of space for your own experience and wishes.

I welcome you on this travel, where the strong energy, sacred spaces and wisdom of the temples hopefully will inspire you.
With love, Esther

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  • All hotels comfortable 3 star , breakfast included.
  • Free Meditation programme
  • 1 Free individual one on one healing or coaching session.
  • Excursions as mentioned,
  • English and Dutch speaking guidance from me and English speaking Egyptian Egyptologist guide.
  • All transport
  • All fees of the sites
  • Experience of a lifetime :-)
  • Flights, from your own country to Egypt and international. I can book them if you please. Egypt air is safest and cheapest way to book.
  • Lunch en diner, drinks
  • Visa for Egypt, you buy it on Cairo airport (25 euro)
  • Obligatory tips, between 10 and 30 % for guides other then myself, drivers or people in restaurants et.
  • Faculty excursions


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